Grzegorz Malecki


A theater, film and voice actor. He is a graduate of The Aleksander Zelwerowicz National Academy of Dramatic Art in Warsaw (in 2000). He is a leading actor at the National Theater, but he also collaborates with the Polonia, WARSawy, Television Theater and Polish Radio. Laureate of the Feliks Warszawski Awards in 2010 for the best supporting male role. Nominated for many prestigious actor’s awards, including Feliks Warszawski, C. K. Norwid and Polityka’s Passports. Grzegorz Malecki played in numerous series and film roles. He is fluent in English and German (he appeared in the German-language film „Nimm dir dein Leben”). He also has musical education in the piano class and he is a baritone. In 2014, Malecki released an album „Marmolada na ksiezycu” together with the Polish Radio Orchestra and leading Polish jazz musicians (a total of 80 musicians).


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