Marcin Dorocinski


Marcin Dorocinski (born June 22, 1973) is a Polish film, television and stage actor. He is well known for his portrayals of conflicted, troubled characters: Despero in „Pitbull” (2005), Jacek Mroz in „OFFsiders” (2008). Otter in „Manhunt” (2012) as well as his debonair leading man roles, handsome, virile, charismatic and charming: Bronek in „Reverse” (2009) or Kostek in „The perfect guy for my girlfriend” (2009). Dorocinski is also renowned for his association with independent movies. He is widely regarded as one the most talented and respected Polish actors. Dorocinski gained critical acclaim in the early 2000s, culminating in his Zbyszek Cybulski’s Award for Best Young Polish Actor (2005), Polish Eagles nomination for Best Actor (2008) followed by Golden Lions Award as best supporting actor for „Reverse”(2009) and best actor in a leading role for „Rose” (2011). Dorocinski gained worldwide acclaim for his role in TV series „Into deep water (52 MonteCarlo Television Festival nominee for Best Actor) and won Best Actor award at Porto Film Festival for „Rose” (2012) Dorocinski was born in Milanowek near Warsaw. His father is a smith and his mother is a housewife, he has three brothers. Dorocinski grew up dreaming of becoming a professional football player. Unfortunately his dreams were shuttered when he suffered a severe leg injury. Due to the sustained injury, Dorocinski was not able to pursue his football career. He attended the vocational school in Grodzisk Mazowiecki where his history teacher realized he had strong acting abilities and encouraged him to become an actor. In 1993 he enrolled to The Aleksander Zelwerowicz State Theatre Academy. He graduated from the Academy in 1997 and won a position at the Dramatic Theatre in Warsaw. His most important theatre credits include: „Taming of the Shrew” (1995) directed by Krzysztof Warlikowski, „Platonov” (2002) directed by Pawel Miskiewicz or „Wrong side up” (2005) directed by Agnieszka Glinska. Dorocinski made his film debut in Andrzej Zulawski’s „The Shaman” (1995). Afterwards he played some minor roles in TV and films. His first major role was Arek Bilski in „Krugerandy” (1999) but the real breakthrough came in 2005, when he played a homicide detective, Slawomir Desperski in a film and cult television series „Pitbull”. After „Pibull” he rose to stardom and appeared most notably in „We are all Christs” (2006), „Luiza’s Garden” (2008), „OFFsiders” (2008), „Reverse” (2009), „Rose” (2011), Polish version of „In treatment” (2011), „Manhunt” (2012) and Bartosz Konopka’s (Academy Award Nominee) „Fear of Falling” (2011). He has also made his international debut in Per Fly’s film „The woman that dreamed about a man” released in 2010. In 2012 Dorocinski won part in BBC production „Spies of Warsaw” starring David Tennant. Dorocinski also starred in „Run”, new miniseries from British Channel 4. Recently he finished shooting films ” „Love” , „7 days” and „Angel” slated for release in 2013 and 2014. Dorocinski keeps low profile, focusing on his family: wife and three children. He is an avid u2 and Red Hot Chili Peppers fan, enjoys triathlon, car and motor racing and walking his dog.


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